Wednesday, September 17, 2008

You Know You've Missed the Random

Because my brain is numb...a list.

  • Step BASICS would imply that the class is, you know, basic. Let me clarify. Step BASIC means This Step Class Will BASICALLY Kick Your Butt.

  • Speaking of butts, my (our) teacher of many classes at the gym (not step basics) has a butt that I covet. There. I said it. She's just the cutest, fittest, sweetest girl. And I have a sagging rump.

  • What Not To Wear (6) is reading. Like, really reading. I thought the struggle with reading would be the end of our relationship. I'm so thankful for excellent K and 1st grade reading teachers.

  • Dirty Job (3) says, "No school, stay house," nearly everyday he has preschool. Apparently, he doesn't like the fact that the expectations are higher now that he can talk.

  • I called Cpt Mom after church tonight and the Cutie (2) answered. I asked "Aren't you supposed to be sleeping," and she replied with roaring laughter. It was hysterical.

  • This post was so extremely encouraging to me.

  • Biggest Loser season premiered last night. I made brownies to celebrate.

  • Hubs and I have been shopping for a car. I DETEST car shopping in ways I never thought possible.

  • My friend had a baby. And that baby makes my ovaries ache. Or at least she did until her mom reminded me about feeling like a milk cow.

Alrighty, I'm off to bed.


CPT Mom said...

I can't ever get enough random.