Thursday, September 4, 2008

Captain Mom IS a Superhero

It's someone's birthday here on the blog. And here are the reasons I heart her.

  1. She lets me talk about Big as if I know her.
  2. She's an expert on random communication.
  3. She's and excellent listener. Even when I interrupt 17 times.
  4. She values the importance of Sonic happy hour as much as I do.
  5. She loves her family fiercely.
  6. She knows that a good jean CAN make the world a better place.
  7. She is extremely witty.
  8. She will go see a 10pm movie with me on a Tuesday and not think twice about it.
  9. She can season a popcorn bag with the perfect mix of nacho cheddar and white cheddar. That is no easy feat, my friends.
  10. She understands that the popcorn at one theatre is better than the popcorn at another theatre.
  11. She always takes something from the sermon...and applies it.
  12. She makes beautiful babies.
  13. She let me call her no less than 17,000 times after Dirty Job was diagnosed with autism. And she was on vacation with her husband who was about to leave for war.
  14. She understands the need to dialogue through The Biggest Loser.
  15. She also understands the need for dessert during the same show.
  16. She has cable.
  17. She doesn't care when my house looks like a tornado blew through.
  18. She loves people more than presentation.
  19. She got her child to potty train herself. She needs to write that book!
  20. She hates politics as much as I do, but still lets me talk it out.
  21. She knows that some days should be ETB days.
  22. I never feel judged by her. Even on my worst days.
  23. She understands social awkwardness.
  24. She balances truth and grace.
  25. She's pretty.
  26. She knows that shoes make all the difference in an outfit.
  27. She agrees with me that Coach purses are ridiculous. I know, throw things at us now.
  28. She's always up for a spontaneous road trip.
  29. She goes to Cardio Sculpt on her birthday.
  30. She encourages me to be a better mom and wife.
  31. She has a heart for people with special needs. And has passed that heart along to her daughter. What a legacy.
  32. She understands that everyone has T-rex days. And g.l.a.m.o.r.ous days.
  33. She is transparent.

Join in the birthday wishes for my friend!!!


Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Happy, happy birthday! I feel bad that I didn't realize it was today, or that our birthdays were only 2 days apart! =) I hope you have a spectacularly special day. All my love, ME

Mary said...

Happy birthday! Hope you enjoyed every minute of it! Sounds like you have some great friends who think you absolutely ROCK!


CPT Mom said...

I heart you too :)

Thanks for the sweet birthday post.