Monday, January 7, 2008

Startin School and Failin a Test

My Dirty Job started preschool today. We got to the classroom door, opened it, Dirty Job waved to the therapist and teacher, and went to the shelf to get some animal toys. I stood in the doorway like an idiot, not sure what to do. I did not have a meltdown like I had envisioned, instead only getting teary on the drive over.

When I went to pick him up after my coffee date, he was happy and ready to go. Smooth transition if I've ever seen one. He obviously painted today, as his shirt is smudged with black paint. It was a moment in time that I really wished he could talk, because I wanted to know every detail of the day.

Dirty Job also had his medical assessment today for long term care. He needs to "fail" the test in order to continue receiving speech therapy and occupational therapy outside of school. He could also potentially get some horse therapy through these services and HELLO can I just tell you that Dirty Job HEARTS horses. So, yes, this was an important thing. While the dear social worker can't guarantee it, she said she's pretty positive that he failed enough to receive services. YAY for failure!!!! I'm sure my son will read this one day and use it against me when he does sub par on something else, but for today we rejoice in his shortcomings! The greatest thing about it was that as soon as the social worker walked out the door he began to label the shark and guitar that were on TV.

Twas a celebratory morning for my boy. We are so grateful that the Lord is in the details.