Friday, January 11, 2008

Conspiracy Theory

Don't worry, ya all. I am NOT pregnant. I took a test and right after peeing on a stick to tell me I wasn't preggers, I started my "cycle." It was a lovely way to waste a few bucks. However, there is a plot among ALL babies I come in contact with to make my ovaries burst with the desire to have a third. No lie, on Thursday morning I was at Bible Study and I was surrounded by cuteness...adorable babies making all sorts of precious cooing noises. I almost had to leave the room. And then there was this business of THE CUTEST baby boy at Cpt Mom's meeting that I do childcare for. I can't even describe the preciousness of him. And when my Dirty Job came up to him and squished his cheeks and said " I love you" well my heart about burst (probably from the bursting of the ovaries). Also, a friend of mine (from church) just found out she is pregnant ~ and pregnancies go in cycles at our church...something in the water...I'll be avoiding the water as long as possible, but it's quite possible that Cpt Mom may find me secretly drinking out of the hose spout there trying to get some of that "baby water" in me. It's a conspiracy I tell you.

As of this moment in time, the Reality Family will not be having any babies. My hubs is not on board for that, and we got some work related news that may put #3 on the back burner for quite some time.

But some great news: My Deadliest Catch and I are attending a Bible Study together. Yep, together. We are going through Believing God, and I am banking on the fact that at the end of the 10 (well, now 9) weeks, I will have some pretty incredible things to blog about. I believe God has some pretty neat stuff in store for our family of 4.


CPT Mom said...
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CPT Mom said...

I have seen the babies conspiring against you and you have my sympathy.

God has big plans for your family...of any size!

Amazing Racer said...

It's only gonna get worse when you get pregnant!