Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Have I ever mentioned how much Corporal Cutie and Dirty Job's friendship warms my heart? They are the best of friends. And they have become absolutely adorable to watch. Seeing this petite little girl and tall, rough boy embrace is heart-melting.

This afternoon while we were at the Racer's house, Dirty Job woke up from a nap. My Cutie raced up stairs to greet him. He was tired and not thrilled about being awake (I know the feeling, brother). She announced, "My Dirty Job awake." (Obviously she used his real name, we don't walk around calling each other by psuedo-names.) But, I digress. It was absolutely precious.

I am now typing away to the sound of them playing the sneezing game. Which, if you haven't ever played, goes something like this. We take turns pretending to sneeze. And, in case you were wonering, it is absolutely hilarious. If you are 2 & 3, that is.


Amazing Racer said...

I love the friendship these two share. She really does understand him on a level no one else does. How sweet of the Lord to put them together during this time in their lives!