Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Other Bad News from Last Week

Last week, I received some pretty scary news. My younger brother had been assaulted in front of his apartment. Since then, he has had surgery to repair the bone surrounding his eye that the surgeon believes was hit with a metal pipe. We are extremely hopeful and optimistic that he will have a full recovery with no permanent damage to his vision. The surgeon went in through the eye, so there shouldn't be any scarring. And in case you were wondering, no, my brother is not a hoodlum. He is actually a PhD student with a baby coming in six weeks...his recovery should be complete just in time to welcome his son!

In the moments of uncertainty, when we didn't know when he would have surgery, where his wife would stay while he was at the hospital, how my dad would react with the neighbors, etc... I was able to stand at the throne of my savior on behalf of my brother and sister in love. I was able to ask prayer for him and know that I had friends who were interceding on his behalf. I am so glad to serve such a personal God, who I can approach for even the littlest things. It takes my breath away sometimes.

I know I am biased, but I think my brother is pretty incredible. He is an amazing husband, a great brother and son, an outstanding student, and most significantly, he's the Lord's. When I gave my heart to Christ, my brother was in a place where he did not believe in the slightest. And through an amazing journey, he is now a believer and God has blessed him with a believing wife and in laws who love the Lord. I pray that this time of HUGE trial will draw not only he and his wife closer to the Lord, but my parents and sister as well. Because God is big enough to use even a devastating situation to restore people to Him.

As the Lord leads, please join me in prayer for provision and healing for my brother and his family. God has already been so incredibly faithful.


CPT Mom said...

Praying with you for your family.

What an amazing testimony his journey has been. One that brings hope to so many.