Sunday, March 22, 2009

Growing Boys

Well, hello there. Long time, no blog... That is for a myriad of reasons,but instead of boring you with that, I thought I'd resurface with a picture of my two favorite boys.We took my Hubs to The Happiest Place on Earth for his birthday over Spring Break. Awhile back, my mom had gotten Hubs a t-shirt from there that says Judge Me By My Size, Do You? with a picture of Yoda on the back. The Hubs, well, he's a BIG fan of Star Wars, and by BIG fan, I mean OBSESSED. So anyhow, they had one in my little guys size and Grandma couldn't help but snatch that up for him. The funny part of this t-shirt is the fact that my boys are both tall people. My Hubs is 6'1" and our 4 year old is quite tall and is wearing a size 8 in this

So this is them, in line for Space Mountain. Which both of them love.
I'll be back to catch up soon!


Elizabeth said...

What a fun trip! Love the matching shirts.

My 4-yr-old is also a big boy. He wears a 6 in boys. Goodbye cute and cheap toddler clothes :(

CPT Mom said...

Love it!