Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Reminders for December

  • Remember WHO we are celebrating, not how we do it.
  • Listen for the laughter of my children. Do things that will spark that laughter.
  • Cook and bake with What Not to Wear. As much as she wants to.
  • Therapy Dirty Jobs until he can't take anymore. So many fun memories can be had through the work.
  • Give. Give as much as I can, whether that be time, talent or treasure.
  • Pray- pray for my dear friends who are missing their sweet Baby Blues. I can't imagine trying to balance that kind of sorrow with the joy that comes from parenting Elf. Have we mentioned here on the blog that Dinoboy loves Christmas/Santa SOMETHING FIERCE!
  • Love my husband in word and deed.
  • Celebrate with many friends and family. I am so blessed to have so many people in my life.
  • Worship the One who was sent to save me. The act of God Most High sending His Son for me in the form of a baby? Blows me away. I am overwhelmed by that kind of love.
  • Do NOT be deceived by my ovaries. They are working overtime as they see all the baby cuteness and the round bellies showing evidence of the miracle of life.


CPT Mom said...

Great reminders.

I love them all.

katemcdonald said...

what a great list! thanks for sharing and thanks for your prayers