Saturday, December 20, 2008

Early morning randomness...

Just a quick update from our trip since apparently this baby doesn't want me to get any more sleep no matter what town I lay my head in...

We have traveled to a place that actually experiences winter. Up until last night, it was cold, but not unbearable. Last night, the wind kicked up, and I have never felt cold like that before! This warm-blooded girl was cracking the natives up... But, it is fun for my girl to see what snow is. She doesn't get to enjoy it much, being that she hates wearing a heavy coat.

She is, however, enjoying spending this time with her cousins! From the moment we landed at the airport, she has been asking for her cousins. And every moment we are not with them, she is asking about them. They are so precious together!

All the girls went to a nail salon last night so the bride and wedding party could get their nails done. I let the Cutie get her nails painted and it was quite possibly the most precious thing I have ever seen! She sat in the chair like she was so big. Sat so still and has loved showing them off to everyone. Her cousin, the flower girl, had hers painted as well. She sat the rest of the night with her fingers straight out so the polish wouldn't smudge. I wouldn't be surprised if we peeked in on her sleeping to find her little fingers straight out above the covers. Absolutely adorable!

Today officially kicks off the wedding stuff. It has been such a blessing to watch this family roll with each new twist and turn in the plans. Life has been crazy around here! This family has been though many ups and downs in the past few months. It is precious to see them all come together and uphold the things that really matter! In the few short days since I have been here, I have seen them appreciate the small things. Something that is easy to lose sight of when wedding plans are underway. What a precious day it will be!

Yesterday, I also got to spend some time with my newest neice. She's actually my great-neice, and I like to say it because it confuses people :) She is a tiny pink bundle of beautiful! It was so fun to get to spend a few minutes enjoying her. And her mama: She is beautiful. It's hard being a new mom and she has handled it all with such grace amidst such hectic circumstances. So proud of her.

And because I know the Racer is wondering, Jenn and I did get a belly shot yesterday. We will post it soon...


Amazing Racer said...

Yay for the belly shot!!!

I remember the time WNTW fell asleep that same way after getting her nails done. LOVE IT. And frankly, this adorable story makes me want to have a third.

So, so glad you are having fun. Enjoy your time away!!!! Miss you.