Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dear My Deadliest Catch (Hubs)

9 years ago, I walked into a church on my father's arm and my heart set on you. You and I, we were livin on love. I vowed that your people would be my people, and your God would be my God.

We've stuck that covenant in a fiery furnace a time or seventy, and yet through the fires I've watched the impurities melt and your character emerge.

What a journey it's been, and I'm so glad I get to continue to walk this out with you.

You make me proud to be your wife everyday.

I love you. Beyond words.


CPT Mom said...

Happy Anniversary, my friends.

Pollyanna said...

Oh this is so sweet.

Happy Anniversary

Holly said...

Happy Anniversary, my friend!

Elizabeth said...

Aw :)