Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What an angel!

Well, we all made it through surgery none the worse for wear. Actually, I think it was Major Hunk who had the most difficulty. I guess I should have asked for prayers for him too :) All kidding aside, I so appreciate all the prayers that were sent out on our behalf. She had no difficulties at all and all the staff was raving about what a good patient she was. She didn't cry when they took her back, put her under, or coming out of anesthesia. In fact, the only time she cried for the first 8 hours we were there was when I had to leave the room to g0 to the restroom. They told us to bring movies she would like to watch. I did not realize they only had a VCR, but thankfully, they had a few videos available. Only 2 of them suitable for children. So, after a day's worth of the first Barney video ever made, I was oh-so-grateful when the night nurse had brought in reinforcements.

We were released to go home the next morning and she has been doing great ever since. She was so wired up getting home that I couldn't get her down for a nap for hours even though she was rubbing her eyes profusely. They told us days 3-5 are the most painful, so praying that we can keep her pain to a minimal.

We are so blessed with such a loving God who cares about us and the details of our lives so much. I really felt the Spirit with me that day as I was peaceful handing my little girl off to total strangers to drug her and cut out parts of her body. (I know, just keeping it real.) So, again, thank you for praying for us and checking in on us throughout the days.