Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Random - Sure

  • It's almost Spring Break. Which has all of my Biology lab partners talking about their travel plans. Which in turn makes me think about how disappointed they will be when they can't take a week off in spring all the time. Which makes me think of my husband, who doesn't get a spring break.
  • I am absolutely, completely, utterly thankful for our long winter here. I have declared it the BEST WINTER EVER. Long live The Winter of 09-10. Feel free to stick around for forever.
  • Chris and I both cried at the series premiere of Parenthood. YES, there was quite questionable material on the show. And yes, we expected a serious amount of laughter and found it to be lacking. But we are now committed for at least one more week to the character with Aspergers.
  • "Twin Day" for spirit week is code for "Things that make moms go over the edge and never return."
  • I got a haircut. And color. And I love it.
  • I have tests and meetings and therapies for Brody this week. So here I sit, blogging.
  • Babies. I love them.


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