Friday, June 12, 2009

The best laid plans...

Yesterday was my due date. A few months ago, I was convinced that on this day, I would most likely be sitting here wondering when my baby boy's birthday was going to come. I figured I would be praying that I would not have to be induced again. And most likely, I would be hot, hot, hot - 10 months pregnant living on the surface of the sun. I figured that like his sister, he would keep us waiting and on this day we would be preparing for a LONG labor.

Well, I was wrong on all fronts. His birthday arrived 6 weeks early. I did not have to be induced. In fact, they had me lay in bed all day to try and slow the process as much as possible. I am still hot here on the surface of the sun, but instead I am post-partum. And, there was definitely not a long labor. With the Cutie I progressed from 2 to 10 in 18 1/2 hours. With Adorable- in 1 1/2 hours.

This baby boy rocked my world. I was in shock for days, maybe weeks, after his birth. He made it very clear that he was going to be his own person. He is not planning on copying his sister's every move. Not even close. And based on the past few months, I would say he doesn't want anyone trying to make plans for him. He is going to carve out his own way in this world.

A little bit about my little man:
The more noise, the better he sleeps. He is extremely portable. He sleeps well. He has himself on a strict every 3 hour eating policy. He has blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair. He is perfectly cuddly. He is strong and healthy. He is our little miracle.

Lord, thank you for loving us enough to deny our plans for our baby boy. I know that you have a bigger, much better plan for his life than I could ever come up. Thank you for our miracle. Please give us the wisdom to raise him in such a way that brings honor to you. And Lord, remind us to teach him daily about you that he would grow to be a man who loves and honors God with his life. Amen.


Pollyanna said...

Amazing!! Truely amazing!! We gotta get together to let me take pictures of him!!