Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Mama's Guilt

I am desperately trying to get Dirty Job on a loose schedule that includes a nap everyday. If he does not nap, he falls asleep around dinner, only to wake up at 10pm ready for some activity. And while I love to play with my son, I don't particularly enjoy it at my bedtime. You know, with getting up for school and all.

Some days, he falls asleep. Some days, he bucks the system. I have no idea where he gets that from.

We've had a couple of humdinger days as of late. Because if he is not sleeping, he is "deconstructing" something in order to keep his mind busy. One day, he completely tore apart his bookshelf and toy box. Yesterday, it was my bedroom lamp. That. I. LOVE.

In attempting to make the schedule work for the long term, I have had to incorporate some short term sacrifices. One being that if he doesn't nap on Wednesdays, we don't go to church that night. Because a 15 minute nap at 6:30 isn't so much fair to his teacher. Plus, it recharges him enough to fight going to bed until 11pm or so. Did I mention we, like most of the free world, have school on Thursdays? Thus starts a vicious cycle of meltdowns with him and insanity from me. It's really a sight to behold.

If the wailing and gnashing of teeth isn't enough between the two of us, I should mention the fact that my girl, she loves herself some Wednesday night church. She loves church anytime. anywhere. with a hat. sitting in a chair (sorry, I just went Green Eggs and Ham on ya).

So when the nappage has not happened, I don't talk about Wednesday night church in hopes to avoid a 3rd member to the pooper party. Which might work if she didn't know that it's Wednesday. She never forgets. Thus beginning the worst part of the equation. Her crying because she wants to go to church. It breaks my heart, ya all. It is the worst feeling! I am so torn as to how to handle this situation. I offered to do a bible lesson with her at home and she was not interested. I do not, in any way, want to quench her love for church.

Any ideas?


holly said...

It'd be my pleasure to be her personal chauffeur for the evening if DJ hasn't napped.

Seriously, I can't even imagine having the opportunity to nap and actually CHOOSING not to. I can't even fathom it :)

Amie said...

If previous offer to chauffeur W.N.T.W. doesn't work out, I would be most pleased to help out. We do have room in the Batmobile!!