Monday, September 17, 2007

Tales From the Scales

We have been participating in the Tales From the Scales May Day Challenge around here. In fact, if I remember correctly, this is what prompted us to begin this blog in the first place. Well, the May Day Challenge is over and they are hosting a new challenge: Look Great in 2008. I love it. I love the name and I love the whole idea behind it. The other challenge seemed to be more of a one time goal, this is making improvements for life. I have enjoyed the extra accountability knowing that I am going to post about my journey here. I enjoy receiving the comments from others and checking out their journey as well. They also have lots of good recipes and other good stuff throughout the week.

If you read here, as I know both of you do, you have traveled with me in the past months as I have walked out this journey. I have learned many lessons. Often times, I relearn the same lesson the next week...but, anyway. More than anything, I have enjoyed being able to be real and honest here. This is the first place I have ever stated how much I weigh. It was then that I was truly able to decide that the number was not the most important thing for me. It has been incredibly freeing to know that as I stumble and trip that others are on the same path. They may be further ahead or behind, but we are all on the same path. I love that. I think the most important lesson I have learned thus far is that I want to create healthy life habits. I do not want to be on a "diet". I can not live my life under strict guidelines of what I can NEVER eat again.

My goals when I began in May were to lose weight and be thinner. It didn't fall off like I had hoped it would, but frankly, I didn't work all that hard some weeks either. This time, my goal is different. I want to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I want to have a lifestyle that allows me to live life. I want to eat healthy food and exercise regularly, not only because it will result in weight loss, but because I want to look and be healthy. I want to see my life choices reflected in my daughter's life. I want her to live a healthy and balanced life. By healthy and balanced, I mean so much more than just diet and exercise. I hope that I can throw off the shackles of emotional eating and hiding behind the fat and live a freer, more passionate life. Oh, and I want to wear a bikini someday :)

Last May Day weigh in:

Beginning weight: 188.4
Current weight: 168.8
This week: -2.6

Total weight lost: -19.6


Amazing Racer said...

I am beyond excited for you in this most awesome of weeks. I'm so glad to go through this journey with you, and I'm even more thankful for the freedom you have allowed me to walk out to find what works and is "real life" for me.

So proud of you. So excited for the next chapter in this journey. Congrats on your healthier habits for the week!!!!

Mama Bear June said...

Wow, you did wonderfully with the last challenge! It is all about those lifelong healthy habits! Numbers are not what is important!
Path to Health

tamlovesran said...

You did great on the last challenge! I just joined the new challenge today. Keep up the good work!

God bless,